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Ice Machine Cleaning & Maintenance

If you own a restaurant, bar, café or any other business that serves food and drinks, chances are you use a commercial-sized ice machine on a daily basis. Just like any other equipment, your ice machine needs regular maintenance and cleaning. R.A. Archer Refrigeration Ltd. has expert knowledge of the workings of these machines and cannot only provide service for them, but can also help you choose a new machine from our inventory. We regularly complete work in all of the following areas:

  • Air Cooled
  • Water Cooled
  • Water Filters
  • Ice Machine Cleaner
  • Cleaning and De-scaling
  • All other components

Prevent Germ Growth with Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Ice machines are probably one of the most overlooked components of a restaurant kitchen. With so many other areas to keep clean, your ice machine often gets put on the bottom of the list. But it needs regular cleaning and maintenance, too.

Harmful bacteria can grow inside these machines and infect the ice you serve your customers. The growth of these germs can also damage the tubing, clog the pump and float switch. Not to mention that scale buildup can harden on the evaporator and water valves. All of these scenarios can cause major contamination and malfunction. R.A. Archer Refrigeration can provide routine maintenance of your ice machine to ensure it is clean and working efficiently for your business

Hire a Professional

Ice machines are very specialized equipment that require the knowledge of a professional for proper installation, maintenance and cleaning. Different types of machines will need different cleaning products and the refrigeration experts at R.A. Archer Refrigeration will know which to use on yours. Our team also has the specialized skills to take apart the components of the machine to clean all areas, including the water line, and reassemble it to working order.


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